Raspberry Pi GPIO vezérlés PHP-vel

Mindig jó, ha nem kell új nyelvet tanulni, csak azért, mert az ismert scriptnyelv (PHP) szövegfeldolgozásra való 🙂

A PiPHP: https://github.com/PiPHP/GPIO és egy építési példa: https://www.sitepoint.com/powering-raspberry-pi-projects-with-php/

< ?php // led-blink.php require_once 'vendor/autoload.php'; use PiPHP\GPIO\GPIO; use PiPHP\GPIO\Pin\InputPinInterface; use PiPHP\GPIO\Pin\OutputPinInterface; // This GPIO object can be used to retrieve pins and create interrupt watchers $gpio = new GPIO(); // Configure pin 2 as an output pin and retrieve an object that we can use to change it $ledPin = $gpio->getOutputPin(2);

// Configure pin 3 as an input pin and retrieve an object that we can use to observe it
$buttonPin = $gpio->getInputPin(3);

// Configure this pin to trigger interrupts when the voltage rises.
// ::EDGE_FALLING and ::EDGE_BOTH are also valid.

// Create an interrupt watcher (this is a type of event loop)
$interruptWatcher = $gpio->createWatcher();

// Register a callback for handling interrupts on the button pin
$interruptWatcher->register($buttonPin, function () use ($ledPin) {
    echo 'Blinking LED...' . PHP_EOL;

    // Toggle the value of the LED five times
    for ($i = 0; $i < 5; $i++) { $ledPin->setValue(OutputPinInterface::VALUE_HIGH);

    // Returning false would cause the loop below to exit
    return true;

// Loop until an interrupt callback returns false, this code will iterate every 5 seconds
while ($interruptWatcher->watch(5000));